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The Story Behind Pizzeria La Scala

Pizzeria La Scala is a family-owned and operated restaurant. We’ve been in Westlake, Texas since 1996, and we’re proud of it. We use fine ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional pizza and Italian food.

While we continually strive for innovation at Pizzeria La Scala, we still make our creations the only way we know how. We know what we liked growing up in Brooklyn, and when we eat our food, we expect it to be just like that.

While working and living in New York, all the best pizzerias used the best ingredients–especially in their pizza sauce.

We use the best tomato products from the Stanislaus Food Company. They have been in business since 1942. To learn about them, click the Stanislaus Food Products link below.

Enjoy Your Next Meal at La Scala Pizzeria Today!

A family-owned and operated restaurant, Pizzeria La Scala is located just off of Highway 114, in the Village Circle area of Westlake, Texas. We use only the best ingredients in everything we create, and we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of the pizza and Italian food we serve. Come in and enjoy your favorite Italian dish, or relax in our bar and lounge area! For detailed directions, or to place your order ahead of time, give us a call at (817) 491-3779.